O btw were not playing anymore..

We are not playing anymore…

we all hate each other and have big arguments!so we decided to stop playing..

Freek is DJing all over the place..DJonko

Dave plays in Landverraad and Tyrannicide

Erik started a new band with Sascha and is playing in a bunch of other bands that will probably play somewhere near you pretty soon..


thanks you for being nice!




We still love you…


its been a while since you all heard from us on this crazy website thing…anyways weve been busy, did a bunch of stuff, had some emotional conversations, met some crazy/sweet/nice people…and we also did a couple of the craziest shows evah!

last night we played our last dutch show and it was really nice…corpse paint,fake blood, bikes in the pit…so alot of thanks to all our nijmegen homeys and offcourse unrest, alpinist and masakari…they are really good bands and really nice people we all reccomend them and suggest you should see them…about that last show thing..it might be true, it might not be true..i dont know it doesnt really matter we are not that good.

another good band we met in the last months and who are also total sweethearts are hammers from the UK also highly reccomended from camp Sloth..

Anyways thank you so much to all the great bands/people/travelling punk kids/cooks/and the crazy dance action…we love it.

next week we leave to Czech to play the tent stage on Fluff and we play Dresden on the thursday before that(im to lazy to check the dates)

we have some merch left..if you ask dave you’ll get it for free if you ask me or sascha we charge 8 euros ( i cant be bothered to upload some pictures..instead theres some pictures of us from last night)


Thanks XX


Back from the north!

Hej Punks,

A week ago we came back from our crazy trip trough Scandinavia and Germany with our lovely friends of Tyrannicide.

Endless amounts of love and thanks to all our friends who helped us out, and the people that came to our shows. thanks for all the nice talks, walks around city, endless creativity and work that people put into their (local) scene and places, amazing food(we had everything from Sushi till Soy-junkfood), midnight playground fun, freeshop madness…thanks for going crazy and keeping it punk!

Tyrannicide is amazing and they might look grumpy but they are a bunch of sweethearts.


Summer is coming stay posi, stay vegan!




Sloth & Tyrannicide april scandinavia tour

Everyone told us not to tour Scandinavia since its so hard to get some shows there…we didnt gave a fuck and we booked ourselfs a nice tour with the help of some amazing friends.







18/04 HELP





so we still need some help with that one date..if you can help feel free to write us..we are really nice people that will eat all your vegan food but dont need that much money and will do our own dishes > slothhc@riseup.net for help

other news from Sloth-central…we will have some new shirts printed, that we will post on this website asap.We also have some other shows planned and gonna record a 7″ pretty soon.

Bye see you on the flipside or in the PIT!


“are there any sloths in the house?”

so in the middle of februari we did a couple of shows…

we played a pretty strange show in Strasbourg with Dope DoD..620 people showed up..not for us though.

we also played in Aken and slept in Nicks parents house and had alot of fun with there furniture and photos of Nick when he was younger.

We played in Solingen which was fun but not that much stuff happend…our friends showed up which was fun, and we got sweet potato soup..also fun!

Erik turned 29 and Sascha dressed up as a a bag of french fries on our show in Nijmegen.

and on our final show we played an anti carnaval festival and sascha dressed up as a bag of fries..again.

thanks to all the people that helped us again and gave us food, made us laugh, kept us awake and so on..also it was a pleasure to see and rock with finisterre and boredom again..punk is love.

we go on tour next month with Tyrannicide, they are our really good friends so if you see a grey van driving around sweden/norway/danmark with 7 people in it who are having fun…say hi!



review on our split with landverraad..it sais we have a 90s sound.

Hey yall..

my friend BA from a small town in Holland emailed me this today…

its a review about our split we did with landverraad, its done by Tom and this is his website. http://onepathforme.blogspot.com

thanks Tom!

we also like piledrivers!



Landverraad and Sloth are two bands from Holland. The artwork (to the left) may have you a little confused and not taking this split too seriously, but never judge a book by it’s cover. The songs on this split are angry and well articulated.

Landverraad has a very pissed off hardcore sound which ranges everywhere from super fast to slow and bruiting. The vocals are a bit high-pitched and very relentless. Lyrically you get a good idea of what this band is about with lots of focus on critiquing religion, politics and institutional oppression. “Darkest of Thoughts” is an interesting lyrical detour, focusing on mental illness and instability, it’s done quite well.

Sloth brings you some heavy down tuned hardcore that is reminiscent to me of some 90’s hardcore mixed with a bit of something darker. I like the way this is mixed and recorded. It has such a dense sound to it which adds to the “piledriver” effect of their music. The bass tone is especially nice. Lyrically, Sloth doesn’t pull any punches. There is no abstraction here…they want you to know what they are about. The track “Go Vegan Go” is a brief, but concise example of how this band can lay out it’s stance.

I found myself enjoying the Sloth side a bit more here due to the darker and denser sound. I definitely hope both of these bands have a long future in front of them.

The art of tearing down mountains

The kartoffel chronicles.

We had two amazing shows in Germany two days of endless amounts of kartoffels, Mates, Big bottles of alcohol free beer, German cops and amazing people!

A huge hug and thanks to all our nice friends from the Kraake concert collective also a big thank you to Julian and Jonas and all the people that make AJZ Bielefeld an amazing place..High fives to Bacchus, Wolf x Down and Hyena!

We will be doing a short tour in Februari and in April we will go to scandinavia with our friends in Tyrannicide. We have some gaps to fill so it would be great if you could help us out or send us in the right direction! get in touch trough slothhc [ A ] riseup.net

15/02 – Aken@AZ w/ Finisterre(de)

16/02 – Strasbourg@Molodoï w/ Boredom & Geraniüm & Dope DOD

17/02 – Paris@tba

18/02 – Nijmegen@Bijstand w/ Scheisse Minnelli & Sex Drive

19/02 – Asten-Heusden@OJC Jonosh

12/04 – Munster@Baracke

13/04 – Berlin@

14/04 – Lubeck/Kiel@

15/04 – Kopenhagen@

16/04 – Gothenburg@

17/04 – Oslo@Blitz

18/04 – Orebro@

19/04 – Stockholm@

20/04 – Linkoping@

21/04 – Malmö@

22/04 – Bremen@


Much Love!



Tiroler Sloths



Yesterday we got back home from tour safely. We had a great time! We’ll soon post pictures and a more detailed report.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us and to the bands we played with!

xxx Sloth