“are there any sloths in the house?”

so in the middle of februari we did a couple of shows…

we played a pretty strange show in Strasbourg with Dope DoD..620 people showed up..not for us though.

we also played in Aken and slept in Nicks parents house and had alot of fun with there furniture and photos of Nick when he was younger.

We played in Solingen which was fun but not that much stuff happend…our friends showed up which was fun, and we got sweet potato soup..also fun!

Erik turned 29 and Sascha dressed up as a a bag of french fries on our show in Nijmegen.

and on our final show we played an anti carnaval festival and sascha dressed up as a bag of fries..again.

thanks to all the people that helped us again and gave us food, made us laugh, kept us awake and so on..also it was a pleasure to see and rock with finisterre and boredom again..punk is love.

we go on tour next month with Tyrannicide, they are our really good friends so if you see a grey van driving around sweden/norway/danmark with 7 people in it who are having fun…say hi!



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