These are the lyrics for our split with Landverraad, that you can listen to and download on our bandcamp. Enjoy.


Walls of Death

Walls of death built in our lives / Society is forced to lean on its structures / Dividing, turning all against all / I refuse to fight this war, but I’ll fight another one

Against their totalitarian regime / Of hierarchy and imposed norms / Their borders and deportation machine / Their capitalist dream

Tumble the towers

So we must fight in every aspect of our lives / To destroy all that destroys us / Don’t fight alienation with alienation / Work on something that is real


Boredom & Order

We stand in line and we sit up straight / Show up for work and school every day / All these shitty rules, exceptions can’t be made / Why do we struggle for this to continue / I don’t want to live this way any longer  / I’ll turn my energy into something stronger…

People are filed away like numbers / Everyone is a line on a sheet of paper / In a file on the endless bookshelves / In the offices of bureaucracy / Try to get out or just don’t fit in / You’ll be filed under ‘F’ for FAILURE

The brainwashed clerks of this system / Will try to shred your skin to pieces / They will smile their sickening smiles / While their own lives are wasted away

Go Vegan Go!

This theme’s been discussed for so long now / Everyone should know the facts / Why is it so hard to change lifestyles / That seem so easy to reject

Is the truth too cruel to admit? / To live with eyes and mind closed / It makes me sick / Cut (out) the crap

The arguments in favor of veganism are so overwhelming, that it can be hard to understand why only so few people have stopped eating and using animal products. Of course, going vegan is only a small (albeit important and relatively easy) step towards a better world, so don’t stop there!



It seems so easy to call our efforts worthless / The failures we’re to this world we won’t be to ourselves / Even though we’ve fucked up way too many times / It’s time to take some pride in what we achieve

We’ve got so much to gain / And there is so much at stake / But nothing left to lose

Friendships, love, all the things we have built / We tend to forget them every time we have failed / But not tonight no, it won’t drag us down / This right here must be the best part of this town

PDIYMA / Punk is love


Do you every feel like all passion is drained from your body? Like even if you could gather the motivation and courage needed to carry out whatever things you wish to do, it still wouldn’t make any sense? Cause what you can accomplish by doing these things will have so little effect and will probably not bring you much satisfaction or relief. Like curling up and dying seems like the only solution to anything?!

Everything is holding me back / Can’t really get a grip / My fear, your discouragement / They work together well – nothing gets done

Where do we find empowerment? / Today things will get done / No fears, no worries, more risks / And less sloth


We don’t need your media to tell us what is news / We don’t need your politicians to tell us what to do / We don’t need your statistics because they tell us shit /  We don’t need your money we will help ourselves

Why do you belief the lies told to you on tv / Why are you scared of your neighbors who are in this shit with you / Why do you hate your body, the one you were born with / Why don’t you act up like you should

And often I wonder, will this world ever change / Will people ever think for themselves / So discouraging this hopeless situation / And still I won’t give up this fight

I never will belief their lies / Never will I buy their lives

The Art Of Tearing Down Mountains (By Collective Effort)

Security cameras watching us / Shielded pigs beating us / Neutral judges judging us / Fucking bosses steal from us

Megastructures dominating life / Fucking up every relation that exists / This system can’t be mended / Cause its faults are inherent / There’s no escaping it / For it sucks you right back in

Compared to eternity / These mountains may seem translucent like clouds / But still they are right here / They are here and they are here now / But so are we and we can change them / Rock after rock we can tear this whole thing down

We’ll use every stone and pebble / To build the landscapes of our dreams / The rains won’t be poisoned / The soil will be fertile again / Trees will grow on top of our mountains / To stop the earth from flushing down / This land will look even better than our wildest fantasies

We need battle songs like this in our eternal war against the fucking system!