Sep 1 2011


Hi! We’re going on a tour in november with our friends from Landverraad! Almost all dates are set already, so we’ll have a list with venues and info soon! This is the plan:

18/11 – Dresden@TBC
19/11 – Rožnov-Vrah@Liberation Fest w/Finisterre,Remek & The Fight
20/11 – Krakow@TBC w/The Fight
21/11 – Warsaw@TBC w/The Fight
22/11 – Wroclaw@TBC
23/11 – Olomouc@Galerie U Mloka
24/11 – Graz@Sub w/Gods and Queens
25/11 – Postojna@MC Postojna w/Boredom
26/11 – Milan@Villavegan
27/11 – Mainz@Haus Mainusch

Back in july we recorded some of our songs and we should have some kind of release out for this tour. The mixing isn’t done yet, but we’ll put a few songs on here as soon as we can!

love, see ya in the pit,