Jul 13 2012

We still love you…


its been a while since you all heard from us on this crazy website thing…anyways weve been busy, did a bunch of stuff, had some emotional conversations, met some crazy/sweet/nice people…and we also did a couple of the craziest shows evah!

last night we played our last dutch show and it was really nice…corpse paint,fake blood, bikes in the pit…so alot of thanks to all our nijmegen homeys and offcourse unrest, alpinist and masakari…they are really good bands and really nice people we all reccomend them and suggest you should see them…about that last show thing..it might be true, it might not be true..i dont know it doesnt really matter we are not that good.

another good band we met in the last months and who are also total sweethearts are hammers from the UK also highly reccomended from camp Sloth..

Anyways thank you so much to all the great bands/people/travelling punk kids/cooks/and the crazy dance action…we love it.

next week we leave to Czech to play the tent stage on Fluff and we play Dresden on the thursday before that(im to lazy to check the dates)

we have some merch left..if you ask dave you’ll get it for free if you ask me or sascha we charge 8 euros ( i cant be bothered to upload some pictures..instead theres some pictures of us from last night)


Thanks XX